Editing Services and Rates

A variety of editing services are offered to help you throughout the writing process.

Developmental Editing – The Big Picture

Rate: $0.04/word

A developmental edit will strengthen the ‘big picture’ presentation of the information you are communicating to your audience. I will carefully read your draft and provide suggestions for improving organization, structure, flow, and tone at the paragraph, section, chapter, and document level. I will also flag any sentences or sections that require fact check or a reference to corroborate the evidence you’ve provided.

Copyediting – The Finer Details

Rate: $0.02 to $0.04/word

A copyedit will refine the language you are using to communicate with your audience. Two levels of copyediting services are offered.

  • Level 1: In a light-to-medium copyedit, I will correct errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, and usage as well as point out wordy or convoluted patches of text and query factual inconsistencies, faulty organization, and gaps in logic. I will also review your draft to ensure the required style guide is implemented consistently throughout your draft.
  • Level 2: In a medium-to-heavy copyedit, I will perform light-to-medium copyediting and will dig deeper into the text and rewrite wordy or convoluted patches of text, and provide suggestions for or fix faulty organization and gaps in logic.

 Proofreading – The Finishing Touches

Rate: $0.01/word

A proofread will rid your final draft/proof of typos and formatting errors before publication. I will point out obvious errors in punctuation, spelling, and formatting of final drafts or proofs. If your draft has not been previously edited, I may suggest a Copyedit – Level 1.

Document Types

The above services are offered for various documents including

  • technical reports and manuals
  • journal manuscripts
  • theses
  • dissertations
  • book chapters and manuscripts
  • magazine articles
  • abstracts*
  • presentation slides**
  • conference posters

* Rate for abstracts of 300 words or less: flat rate of $20 for all 3 editing services
** Rate for presentations: $3/slide for all 3 editing services

The Process

Send an email to Coral Editing Services at editor@coralediting.com or use the contact form to contact me for more information about editing services for your document. After I answer all your questions and if you decide to proceed, I will ask for a sample of your document to give you feedback on how long the requested service will take. Once we finalize the schedule, I will email you a service agreement to sign and return to me via email along with your document.


I accept check and credit card payments through PayPal.


Editing Services FAQs

How long does an edit/proofread take?

Because each document and service is unique, the time to complete the service may vary. After I see a sample of your document, I will provide you with the estimated time to complete the job.

Do you do rush jobs? If so, what do you consider a rush job and how much do you charge?

Yes, I do rush jobs for the Copyediting – Level 1 and Proofreading services. A rush job has a 24 to 48 hr deadline, depending on the length of the document. I charge $0.04/word for Copyediting – Level 1 and $0.02/word for Proofreading rush jobs. For a rush job, I will ask to see the entire document (instead of a sample) before I send you the service agreement.

Which style guides are you familiar with? Can you add more guides to your library?

I currently have the following style guides in my library:

  • Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS)
  • Council of Science Editors (CSE)
  • American Psychological Association (APA)

Depending on your requested style guide, I will be more than happy to add it to my library. If you have a desired house style, I will ask you to send me your style guide when you email me your document.

What are your Terms of Service?

I will send you a .pdf file of the Terms of Service as part of the service agreement.